Water Rafting & Kayaking

At Havila, every stock of adrenaline in your body is activated and depleted for we have the finest kayaking and water rafting route. Our section offers the perfect menu for every rafting and kayaking enthusiast.

Trekking – Our Nature Trail

You will find a stretch of unspoilt paths, some literally ‘kissing’ the banks of Tana Rivers while others stretch along the slopes and valleys of the resort. As you walk, butterflies fly over as swarms of birds perch on trees, literally watching you as you enjoy your nature trail.


At Havila, you can carry your fishing rod and sit on the banks of River Tana, and have an unforgettable fishing experience. And true to our policy, ‘you eat what you catch!’


Water, experts say, is the perfect therapy to clear the mind off the clutter. We have a yoga site ‘sitting’ next to River Tana.


Havila is one place where you can graduate from a rookie porter to a master, in a matter of hours. Our resident artist has packed years of experience and is the perfect teacher for those who want to mould the perfect clay pot or anything!

Team Building

Team building is one of our flagship activities and we have done justice to our grounds: making them as inviting as possible so that you bond with your team and do more!


Havila is the ‘happening place.’ We have the finest facilities to host weddings, sporting and corporate events.